Compelling Reasons to Invest in Orisun Acquisition Corp

Orisun is a leading acceleration and incubation firm that provides financial and operational support to black, Native American, Hispanic and women-led businesses. Orisun invests in companies through its four fund vehicles: the Orisun Impact Fund (OIF), Pachamama Ventures, the Tiendecito Venture Fund and the Orisun Acquisition Corp. If you’re thinking of investing in an impact investment opportunity, specifically one focused on diversity initiatives, Orisun may be a good fit for you. It has several compelling reasons why you should consider investing in Orisun Acquisition Corp. Read on to find out more…

Diversity Is Good for Business

Diversity is a proven business advantage that all companies should consider. Research shows that companies with more diverse leadership and employee populations have stronger financial performance and increased innovation. Indeed, the evidence is so compelling that leading Wall Street investment firms have been exploring ways to increase their focus on impact initiatives. BlackRock, for example, has begun examining ways to integrate impact investing into its core business. If a company’s leadership and employee base is not diverse, it will not be able to address many of today’s challenges: the need to increase access to capital, improve education and health care outcomes, develop alternative energy sources, create more sustainable food and supply chains, etc.

Orisun Helps Companies Grow

As mentioned above, Orisun invests in companies across a variety of sectors. Its portfolio companies are typically early stage and have annual revenue of less than $15 million. Orisun helps these companies with a variety of needs, including capital, operational assistance, strategic partnerships, talent acquisition and go-to-market plans. Orisun has played a significant role in helping to grow many companies. Its portfolio includes companies such as Rumi’s, a plant-based protein brand, and Healthroots, a digital health platform. Orisun has also helped to create or build several multi-million-dollar businesses, including Elite SEM, a digital marketing company that was acquired by Google for $130 million, and Moveline, a mobile booking platform for the transportation industry, which was acquired by private equity firm Azure Capital Partners for an undisclosed amount.

Orisun’s Commitment to Culture and Governance

Orisun was founded in 1995 by Linda Rogers, who serves as both CEO and chairman of the board of directors. The company has been profitable since its inception, and it has generated returns through investment vehicles of between 20% and 40% annually. In addition to growing its portfolio companies, Orisun has a proven track record of building innovative and impactful businesses. Several of its businesses were winners of the Harvard Business School Social Venture Competition. At Orisun, culture is at the core of everything it does, and its core values are reflected in its business practices. A significant portion of Orisun’s investment funds are dedicated to building culture, and the firm places a high emphasis on governance.

Orisun Has a Proven Track Record of Success

Orisun has a long track record of helping companies grow and create positive social impact. It has invested in more than 50 companies to date, 80% of which are led by women and minorities. Orisun’s approach has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on companies and communities. Many of its portfolio companies have created positive social impact through job creation, increased access to health care and the environment, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. The returns generated through Orisun’s investment vehicles have helped to fuel its growth and impact. To date, Orisun has raised more than $193 million across its investment vehicles.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an opportunity to invest in a proven company with a proven track record, Orisun may be the right investment for you. Orisun has a proven track record of helping companies grow and create positive social impact. Its investment vehicles are highly diversified across several industries and sectors, including consumer products, financial technology, health and wellness, and enterprise software. And, Orisun has a proven track record of helping portfolio companies increase revenues and create positive social impact. The investment dollars Orisun has raised have helped it expand its reach and accelerate its growth and impact. If you’re thinking about investing in an impact investment opportunity, specifically one focused on diversity initiatives, Orisun may be a good fit for you.

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