Coding An Ocean Of Opportunities For Women

Some years back, understanding how to operate a computer was once enough. Technology as it stands today has become the epicentre of all subjects. For the reason of study, work, manufacturing, medicine or more, technology has grow to be an integral part. Products and services surrounding science have become mainstream and tech companies have grow to be the industry giants. But something is amiss. Despite the truth that women are consuming huge amount of internet time these days, they aren’t contributing ample to create the same online space. Young ladies shy away from coding because it is assumed to be a male-dominated sphere.
Why not suppose the other way round? Why not make-a-mark in a area that’s unexplored? Scientific facts prove that girls are more creative and productive when it comes to intellectual labour. We did some research and brainstorming with a few eminent people from throughout the world of coding to find out “Why coding is an ocean of opportunities for women”.

1. Coding New Literacy, Global Language

995 million native Mandarin speakers, 405 million Spanish international and 360 million English speakers – all stand united by one language…the language of technology. Backbone of the world that finds using every facet of our life. Smartphones, TV, motors and for that matter even this article that you are reading wished a bit of coding. In short, coding means a creative answer to all our technical needs.
Garima Jain, Senior Android Engineer, Fueled, New Delhi takes joy in informing, “I was usually fascinated by what computer systems could do. It’s beautiful how a few traces of alphabets, backed by a software, can accomplish anything we want. With coding we can experience, construct anything which would otherwise be definitely tough if we try to obtain the same in any other domain.” (sic)

2. Massive Job Opportunities

The Oxford Martin Institute’s ‘The Future of Employment’ learn about reveals that 47% percent of jobs which exist nowadays will succumb to machines in the decade. So why not harness an understanding of code and technology, alongside with upgrading creative skills to construct a safe career? Tech jobs have seen a regular rise in the last decade, when you consider that coding is required in every field…be it art, medicine, science or education. Non-technical jobs have not skilled the same meteoric rise.
Amit Garg, Director, Devoir Technologies asserts, “Coding is a profession which no longer only gives ladies the desired independence, but additionally a safe career option. You can even proceed from home if you are on a sabbatical for maternity or any other reason. Also, as an IT entrepreneur, who offers with coders on daily basis, I have found that ladies coders have more concentration and stability.”
Samantha Neil, a web-coder from the USA says, “If you suppose logically then coding is just the right house for you. Coding means change and this trade drives technology, which in-turn drives the world. Every passing year most of us buy a new smartphone due to the fact technology is evolving. This evolution needs higher codes, more coders. So the career sketch moves only upwards.” Unlike Garima, who is an engineer, Samantha learnt coding on line sitting at home after her first child. Today she works from home, drawing a better pay-cheque than her husband.

3. Boosts Entrepreneurial Prospects

A majority of new start-ups are being set-up by means of professionals who are coders. Because they can get there faster barring anyone’s help. Saves both time and money, even if you need help at a higher level.
Nilesh Ukey, Director Operations, Nickelfox, New Delhi informs, “With time, more girls are turning entrepreneurs and creating amazing merchandise which keep pushing-up the limits of innovation. And this generates a need to understand how to code since coding skills come accessible to launch innovations into the world.” Ukey and his team labored with an all-women team to develop the Lily App. It is a ‘Perception & Empathy Engine’ primarily based app that lets women users locate and purchase clothes that in shape their body type, all from inside a chatroom. Today it is listed in the Forbes Magazine. So think about how high the entrepreneurial prospects for female are.”

4. Coding: NOT A Boys-Only Zone, NOT TOUGH

Neither is it a boy-only zone, nor is it tough to learn. Garima is happy to inform, “In my trip of 4 years in technology, I have only met extraordinary co-workers. Gender bias might be prevalent at some places, however then not every organisation is the same. Think beyond the box and you can certainly find a company which will assist shape your career in the proper way.”
Talking from the “tough career option” point of view, Nilesh Ukey, who is additionally an IIT engineer, asserts, “The stigma, that acquiring coding skill has a big learning curve, is a myth. One needs to begins from the basics of OOP (Oriented Programming). Believe me only that is wanted to work up the coding skill ladder. Knowing design patterns would be cherry on the cake. Once these are in place, choose any language with excites you and start constructing your career on it.” (sic)
And if you still assume coding is tough then you are surely unaware that most of the programmers these days write in high-level languages like Python (a laptop programming language). It is easier than the algorithm classes you attended in Class 12. The tough work goes in learning Syntax, which are the rules of a programming language. But then isn’t some tough work required in every career option?

5. Coding is the IN-THING!

Once you examine how to code, it’s absolute fun and helps you to express in multi-million innovative ways. Go as far as you can imagine. Design games, make smartphone apps, create blogs… in short churn the wildest of thinking you have, into reality!
Nilesh advocates, “Even basic knowledge of coding is sufficient to sail through many online equipment available to create amazing pilot projects.”

6. Women Have the Edge

It is broadly recognised that women are a mostly untapped market in technology, whether product-development or product-creation. This new wave of opportunity can be harnessed efficiently by a woman when you consider that she better understands the necessities of her counterparts.
Garima Jain gives the parting shot, “If you have come so far analyzing this, then it is the best career for you like me! Also, there is no age or time to begin how to code. Start now. I would love to see more women be part of me in coding world.
Amit Garg seconds Garima and wraps up urging, “I recommend coding to women. Dream big because technology from here will solely go upwards. As we say ‘Sky is the Limit’…so leap to the horizon!”

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