How to report unauthorized sellers on Amazon: 5 Easy ways

Amazon is gaining a lot of popularity for being the go-to platform to buy and sell products. However, it is also a place you can find defaulters. So, if you want to know how to report unauthorized sellers on Amazon, we got you covered!

Before delving into the details, let’s first understand how unauthorized sellers get on Amazon.

They use different methods in which they are not detected easily by Amazon. Next, they list your products without seeking your permission and start selling them.

Two main methods are;

  • Fake ASIN: Using a fake ASIN is one of the easiest ways unauthorized sellers can access your products without your knowledge. They use the fake ASIN to associate with your products and after activating it, they start selling your products online for the price they want. That said, it is difficult to detect such unauthorized sellers.
  • Fake retailer names: While this method is a bit complicated, they still use it to access your products and sell them on Amazon. Usually, an unauthorized seller creates an account under different retailer names and lists your products without your permission, and sells them.

How to record unauthorized sellers on Amazon?

To report unauthorized dealers on Amazon, you can use your Brand Registry Page. You can then click on “ I have a question about an difficulty with my brand”. Next, you will have to provide details such as your product title or ASIN to help Amazon understand the violation of your policies. Enter all the data and submit.

That said, do remember that Amazon may now not help you with the unauthorized seller issue. The organization will only take notice of any violation of mental property rights or checks if the seller has violated Amazon’s vendor policies. In general, Amazon will not interfere in troubles regarding distribution agreements or individual sellers’ policies.

However, if you acquire proof of how unauthorized sellers are violating Amazon guidelines, it can then remove such listings.

Different proof you can accumulate are;

If you feel there is an unauthorized seller on Amazon, you will have to gather as much evidence as feasible against the seller. The process starts offevolved with you buying the product and documenting your experience. Here are a few points you ought to use as evidence.

Has several seller accounts

While this might also be a difficult task, if you can figure out the exclusive names, you can produce them as evidence to Amazon.

Directs buyers to different pages

The seller is encouraging you to leave Amazon to purchase their products or includes hyperlinks to pages other than Amazon. This counts as a violation of the seller’s guidelines and you can file this to use as evidence.

Suspicious ratings

Typically, unauthorized sellers will increase their faux customer reviews so that they can be beforehand of authorized sellers’ listings. They can do this by shopping for their own products and leaving reviews. So, if you come throughout a reseller with your products, make sure to check the scores to see if anything appears to be faux or suspicious. If you do, use it as evidence.

Several brand listings

If you spot any unauthorized seller checklist your products under a couple of brands then you should document this to Amazon. Amazon will remove the listings immediately as they are violating numerous brands.

Misleading information

Check for any inaccurate or misleading information. Both cases are violations of Amazon’s vendor guidelines. Inaccurate information may additionally include false product testimonials or product information.

Remember, the more proof you collect against any unauthorized seller, the enhanced will be your case. Submit your proof to Amazon and they will get the listing removed.


So, this is how to report unauthorized retailers on Amazon. Do use these tips and share your experience with us in the remark section below.

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