Transfixed Antonyms The Definition Of A Verb

Transfixed Antonyms are phrases that have the contrary which means of one another. For example, in English, the phrase “walk” is an Antonym to the phrase “run.” Both phrases imply “to cross ahead on foot,” however their contrary meanings make them ideal candidates for exclusive components of speech.

What is a verb?

Verbs are the moves or behaviors that we take to produce a result. A verb is commonly described as an motion word, such as run, jump, and speak. However, there are additionally some verbs that are now not generally concept of as actions, such as exist and seem.

One of the most frequent questions that college students have about verbs is what is a transitive verb and an intransitive verb. Transitive verbs require an object – some thing that the verb motion is directed at. For example, consume is a transitive verb due to the fact you want an object for the verb to work (usually food). Intransitive verbs do no longer require an object – the verb simply exists independently of any objects. For example, can is an intransitive verb due to the fact it does no longer require some thing else to entire the sentence – you simply need to comprehend the phrase can.

There are a few different matters to maintain in thinking when attempting to apprehend verbs. One is that verbs can be modern or non-progressive. Progressive verbs make reference to some thing already show up with the aid of pronouncing matters like I am ingesting or he has been writing. Non-progressive verbs really say that some thing is taking place proper now except specifying when it commenced or will end. Another component to

The one-of-a-kind kinds of verbs

There are many special kinds of verbs, and every one has a unique definition. Here are some of the most frequent verb types:

What does transfix mean?

Transfixed has more than one definitions, however the most frequent is to be fixated on or interested with the aid of something. For example, anyone may be transfixed by way of a lovely sunset. In this context, transfix capability to be drawn in via the splendor of the scene.

Infinitives and gerunds

What are infinitives and gerunds?

Infinitives are verbs that cease in -ing. For example, to sing is an infinitive verb. Gerunds are verbs that quit in -ing however additionally have a noun form. For example, singing potential each the act of singing and being sung to.

How To Make Transfixed Antonyms

If you’re searching to make transfixed antonyms, it’s no longer as difficult as you may think. Here are a few tips:

1) Use a thesaurus to discover synonyms for “transfixed.”

2) Use nouns and verbs that have comparable meanings to create new antonyms.

3) Be creative! Think about phrases that don’t usually have an contrary meaning, and see how you can use them in your antonym.

All The Different Antonyms For Transfixed
Different antonyms for “transfixed” are extraordinarily fascinating and assist to outline the verb in a extra distinct way. Here are eleven examples:

1. Enthralled : Captivated with the aid of fascination or admiration
2. Fascinated : Engrossed in an pastime or pleasure
3. Entranced : Possessed by means of a trance or spell
4. Entranced : Amazed or astonished
5. Mesmerized : Held in suspension through an enchantment ; spellbound
6. Mesmerized : Controlled by means of an overwhelming force, such as sturdy emotion, hypnotism, or a fever
7. Paralyzed : Stunned into immobility
8. Paralyzed : Unable to act or speak
9. Awestruck : Stupefied with astonishment
10. Aroused : Thrilled, excited, or pleased
11. Aroused : Intimidated

The Top 5 Transfixed Antonyms
1. Bound
2. Captivated
3. Fascinated
4. Enthralled
5. Persuaded

20 Words With Transfixed Antonyms

Transfixed is an adjective that means “immobilized by using admiration or wonder.” An examples of this phrase would be when you see a lovely flower and are totally transfixed via it.

An antonym of this phrase would be un-transfixed, which potential “not immobilized by using admiration or wonder.” For example, if you are strolling down the avenue and see a homeless character and are un-transfixed with the aid of them, that skill you aren’t attracted to them in any way.

Another instance of an antonym would be transfixed on, which capacity “hooked on or gripped by.” This would describe how anyone is feeling when they are absolutely transfixed on something. They are targeted on it and now not paying interest to whatever else.

The eight Most Transfixed Antonyms

What are the eight most transfixed antonyms?

1. Boundless: Going past what is viewed regular or normal
2. Mystic: Possessing features or traits related with a greater order of life, esp. one involving non secular experience
3. Timeless: Not having an precise boundaries; eternal
4. Prodigal: Expending extravagantly and barring regard for economic prudence
5. Impartial: Acting pretty and barring displaying favoritism or prejudice; now not partial to any man or woman or thing; independent as a judge
6. Ambitious: striving for success or advancement; Having remarkable ambition
7. Arrogant: Having immoderate self-confidence and feeling that one is choicest to others; haughty
8. Reckless: Taking needless risks


In this article, we mentioned the definition of a verb and its two antonyms. We additionally explored how transposed meanings can create exciting new verbs. Hopefully, by way of appreciation antonyms, you will be higher outfitted to analyze the language round you and come up with your personal special definitions for words.

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